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District Future Search

The Wisconsin Heights School District hosted our one-year progress report on the Future Search on Thursday, April 18, 2019. Our administrative team shared information with 60 attendees at this important event. A link to our presentation is below:

In April of 2018, we were fortunate enough to have over 90 community members join us for our 2018 Vanguard Vision: Reaching New Heights community conversation. 

Throughout this conversation, we engaged the participants to help us develop a vision of the evolving needs of our students and the community of Wisconsin Heights.

Our outcomes of this event were:

  • Identify issues and trends that are impacting our Wisconsin Heights community
  • Identify what our students need to be successful (college, community, career)
  • Provide an opportunity for individuals to participate in creating a community of dynamic learners
  • Strengthen the connection between the school district and the community
  • Identify ways to foster communication with the large community

Following 12 hours of collaborative work, all participants were given the opportunity to provide feedback as we identified our strategic directions.  Linked below you will find a document with two tabs on it - one for our Strategic Directions and one for the Feedback Totals we received.